Cholesterol Free Shortening!

23 July in Products, Shortening & Margarine (Exclusively Commercial), Shortenings

Cholesterol Free! Roberts Velvo Kris Shortening is an all-purpose shortening. It is mainly used in baking to prepare all types of bread and pastries. This product is also great for light frying and gives fried foods a beautiful golden brown appearance. Roberts Velvo Kris Shortening is cholesterol free! Grab your Roberts Velvo Kris...

Bake to perfection every time with Robert’s Margarine!

23 July in Margarines, Products

Bake to Perfection Every Time! Roberts Glow Spread Margarine is an all-purpose margarine used primarily for baking and can be used in a variety of recipes from cakes, coconut bread, cookies, cupcakes, even icing and more! This margarine can also be blended seamlessly with Roberts Velvo Kris Shortening to make delightful pastries. You can...