About Us

Roberts Manufacturing Co. Limited operates from a 21 acre complex at Lower Estate, St. Michael in Barbados producing shortening, margarine, spread and cooking oil products sold in 15 countries and counting across the Caribbean. Roberts Manufacturing Co. Limited employs some 160 persons and is a private limited liability company jointly owned by Proven Investment Ltd of Jamaica and Ansa McAL Trading Limited. The company is headed by the Managing Director, Mr. Jason Sambrano.

Thanks to you, our incredible customers, Roberts Manufacturing Co. Limited has grown to become a very successful company from very humble origins. Believe it or not, the company began in the backyard of the house of its namesake, Mr. J. C. Roberts, who formulated his first product in 1937, which was a dishwashing soap then later a margarine product. Mr. Roberts’ efforts and entrepreneurial spirit attracted the attention of Sir Kenneth R. Hunte who approached him with the idea of forming a company and on March 24, 1944, Roberts Manufacturing Co. Limited was formed. Sir Hunte was appointed as Managing Director – a position he held until his retirement in September 1983. In 1949 Glow Spread and Mello Kreem were launched and quickly gained recognition locally and regionally.

Mission Statement

The Roberts Manufacturing Co. Limited team aims:

  • To develop a harmonious and environmentally conscious organization.
  • To utilize innovative management and manufacturing practices.
  • To produce excellent quality products.
  • To consistently meet our shareholders’ expectations.
Roberts Manufacturing Co. Limited are proud producers of Gluten Free Proucts